US Gourmet Food LLC. is your single source for all your grocery needs. We take pride in bringing the “Best Quality” products at the “Most Affordable” prices and offering those products at select grocery stores around you.
Conveniently located in Northern New Jersey we serve all states in the Northeast USA. Even though New York and New Jersey is our specialty we have trucks going to PA, CT , MA, VA, MD and more on a daily basis.
We have been a part of a group of companies that is in Food Import and Distribution business since 2001, so we are experts in locating the right products for the market and your needs.
Specialty food, gourmet food, ethnic food, personal care and cleaning product's are just a part of our extended product range. Our own Trademarked brands such as Rosolini, Bolio, Cappadocia have been staple brand names in the grocery stores for years.
We take pride in bringing the “Best Quality” products at the “Most Affordable” prices and offering those products at select grocery stores around you. You can depend on USG ( US Gourmet Food LLC.) to be your one source for all things needed for your grocery store and supermarket.
Let’s grow together…

A Message from our CEO


Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

 Welcome to a celebration of taste and tradition with US GOURMET. As the founder and CEO, my journey of 30 years in the United States has been deeply enriched by the mission to infuse the vibrant essence of the Mediterranean into American homes. Since 2002, our food group has dedicated itself to curating and delivering an exquisite array of European gourmet products to supermarket aisles across the country.


Our catalog is a testament to our dedication, featuring a rich variety of Mediterranean delicacies, from succulent antipasto to the enticing flavors of our celebrated 'Chilipops'. We take pride in offering these selections in both conventional and organic options, ensuring that all preferences and health-conscious needs are met with the highest standards.



Looking to the future, 2024 stands as a landmark year where we will broaden our horizons with chilled and frozen offerings. This new range promises to introduce a spectrum of fine cheeses, curated charcuteries, and convenient ready-to-eat mezzes, alongside frozen delights such as gluten-free pizza and vegan burgers that are sure to become staples in every kitchen.


Our warehouse in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, is a central pillar of our operations, from which we directly serve New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia with our dedicated truck fleet. Beyond these states, our partnerships with leading logistics providers enable us to fulfill the needs of supermarkets throughout the United States, ensuring that every shelf is stocked with the freshness and quality US GOURMET is known for.


Our multinational sales team brings a world of experience to our brand, reflecting the global appreciation for Mediterranean cuisine. As we enhance our offerings for the retail market, I am personally excited for you to experience the evolution of our brand. On behalf of US GOURMET, I extend my deepest gratitude for your continued support and shared enthusiasm for our range of products. Let us set forth together on this delectable journey, charting a path toward a future abundant in flavor and innovation.


With warm regards,

Tolga Sagiroglu